Renew Fitness is a fitness studio with the mission to provide smart all-around training so you can stay active in your everyday life.  



Get Personal


We offer personal training, group training and yoga to provide you the coaching you need to change your lifestyle, eat healthier and feel better. We work at your pace to reach your goals.

About Us


We are here to provide you the tools to a better and active life.

Our size is our strength. Being a small local business is our key to giving an excellent experience, lasting friendships and help to our community.

We understand you can get fitness anywhere at anytime from large-scale gyms to boutique styled franchises. What makes us different is our people and our care. We focus on bringing the highest level of service and professionalism in everything we do as well as light-hearted fun and the family feeling outside of our studio.




1200 112th Ave NE #C-186 Bellevue, WA 98004